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2013, unlucky for some?

Ah, welcome to a New Year earthlings. You celebrate a brand new opportunity to make dashing promises, to break hopefully into resolute good deeds and make hay while the sun shines endlessly in California and the Sahara Desert. But this earth doesn’t turn like the pages of a calendar! Nor are there any dates written […]

Women Who Think Like Me!

Anyone seen the film production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’? The actor Topol leads, playing Tevye, the patriarch – known as Papa – of a Jewish family living through the Pogroms in Russia during the reign of Tsar Nicolas II. It is a musical, with a truly beautiful score. It’s also a warm and colourful […]

Notes on the Neuro

So far my posts have tended towards revelatory extreme, as I have been processing what it means to find Asperger’s Syndrome playing a much larger part in my life than I ever imagined it could. In the physical world a small number of close and significant people have also read the posts and some have […]

A bad hair life? Meltdown.

A bad hair life So yesterday became a strange and uncomfortable one. I still haven’t had my hair cut, but do have some optimism about getting it done next week, when the colleges reopen after half term. College salon equals professional cut, under watchful eyes of tutors. They’ll probably fall over themselves to make sure […]

Executive re-style please

So today I have time to myself. Husband goes to work for a few hours and I go into solitudinous mode. But what to do? What needs doing? Oh nooooo… Here be dragons. Everything needs doing. From cleaning the bathroom, (which really does need a clean, really, like soon), to doing some washing up, checking […]

Reflecting on empathy

Responding to a Film by someone Autistic Monday 22nd October 2012 OK, another outpouring: I’ve just seen this short film for the second time; it’s called ‘In My Language’, by a woman who is autistic and does not speak. Her name is Amanda Baggs and she uses the pseudonym ‘silentmiaow‘ for Youtube Posts, here is […]