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Alien invasion? Yes please!

New Year, new look blog, new ideas and some sense of purpose in posting. Yippee! Something that has been playing in my mind for a while relates to one of the concepts mentioned in the ‘Ten Traits of Asperger’s’ which I mention from time to time. The one about not fitting in, not feeling as […]

Notes on the Neuro

So far my posts have tended towards revelatory extreme, as I have been processing what it means to find Asperger’s Syndrome playing a much larger part in my life than I ever imagined it could. In the physical world a small number of close and significant people have also read the posts and some have […]

Reflecting on empathy

Responding to a Film by someone Autistic Monday 22nd October 2012 OK, another outpouring: I’ve just seen this short film for the second time; it’s called ‘In My Language’, by a woman who is autistic and does not speak. Her name is Amanda Baggs and she uses the pseudonym ‘silentmiaow‘ for Youtube Posts, here is […]