Telling Tales

As a wordy and creative person, I have often written ideas, compiled information and prepared documents. At times of more personal challenge, I have written fictional stories. I hate competition, find it really hard to take part or be patient enough to just let something go without having any response. So, here are three stories, which I hope you might enjoy reading.

To read a story, click on the title; it will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader if you have it on your machine, if you don’t then download it by clicking the icon hereGet Acrobat Reader web logoAll stories and images copyright to Deb Johnson, 2012

“Another Try” …about infertility and temptation; a dark possibility is denied and the outcome is optimistic

“Taking Good Care” …sometimes in grief we behave foolishly; a carer considers theft but instead creates a loving memorial

“He Just Flew!” Many years ago, I knew a blind man whose humour and warmth touched me. This story is not about him, but it could be

If you have found time to read a story and would like to leave feedback or make a comment, please use the form below. All details will be kept entirely confidential.


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